As part of the exhibition in Erlangen

Living Trees - Living Spaces

Skulpturen und Objects von Peter Wagensonner

A book by Ralf Birch tree and Erich Malter, written during Peter Wagensonner's exhibition in Erlangen.

ISBN: 978-3-938903-11-7

Gallery with a selection of photographs by Erich Malter.

In this unusual book, author Ralf Birch tree and photographer Erich Malter guide the reader through the Peter Wagensonner exhibition "Lebensbäume_Lebensräume" (Living Trees - Living Spaces).
For years, the artist's main focus has been on sculptures and objects often made from unusually shaped trees. As part of the town of Erlangen's 2007 project, "naturally ERLANGEN 2007", Wagensonners's sculptures were shown at five different venues.
Birch tree and Malter provide an intimate view of the sculptor's preparations for the exhibition. They are also present during the installation of the exhibit allowing the authors to successfully incorporate the public's immediate reactions. The book itself was released while the event was taking place, becoming an integral part of the exhibition.

Das Buch ist ab 2. Juni 2007 an allen Ausstellungsorten (City hallfoyer, Hugenottenkirche, Universitätsbibliothek, Orangerie und Kunstverein) sowie im Buchhandel zum Preis von 15 Euro erhältlich.

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